Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Every dollar donated to Wanslea Family Services goes directly to helping West Australian children and families , who need it the most.

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About Wanslea Family Services

We're an organisation that holds children and families at heart. Whether it's through supporting families in need, providing children with much needed care outside their homes, child care or community building, we're here to make children's lives a little happier, and parents lives a little easier.

Wanslea Provides For Those In Need:

Photo by Fede Racchi
lauren's story

Foster Care Can Be A Lonely Place

"My name is Lauren.

I was put into foster care with my two sisters when I was just six years old. I thought my world had fallen apart. When I look back now, I think my saving grace was that I was placed with these amazing Wanslea foster carers, June and Alan, with my two sisters. I was one of the lucky ones.

I’m Aboriginal, like so many other kids in care. Wanslea supported my cultural needs and encouraged me to visit my country and stay connected with the people who are important to me. I was able to learn about where I came from and how to live as a strong, proud Aboriginal girl."


At only three years old, child care was a scary place for Freddie.

Unable to communicate what was going on, Freddie quickly became distressed in a large child care facility with so much going on around him.

Luckily, Freddie's Mum booked him with a Wanslea Family Day Care Educator in a small, home-style environment which was much more familiar to Freddie.

The gaps in his learning and development were swiftly identified, and we catered a customised learning plan to fit Freddie's needs.

It wasn't long before Freddie was able to count, pick colours, smile and play with his three new friends, who he called by name.